Kalkulator 3.76

Kalkulator is the most complete math calculator for most math/science needs

Kalkulator is a small but complete program made with the sole purpose to solve any math problem it's provided with. The application is so robust that advanced users will praise its simplicity, and any Windows OS user will recognize its powerful way to solve complicated equations with a single click through a simple interface.

Kalkulator covers all math problems a High School/College student might have for homework. Not only that, most engineers/scientists will also find answers to complex problems. The program covers all standard operations (exponentials, sen/cos/tan/log, variables). As for the Statistics field, you can solve problems related to F, P, Q, A, inverse integral distribution, gamma distribution, Poisson distribution, among others.

One of the application's easy-to-use features is that it offers all operations within a click; you can enter any given number and then convert it into any other value or use any formula to have the result for that. The program will display an error message in case the syntax/values are wrong so you can double-check the values and work on it.

Augusto Rivera
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  • You can enter any number and convert it into anything with a single click


  • The Help file won't work on Vista/W7/Mac, only WinHlp32.exe systems can open it, unless you get a 3rd-party solution for this
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